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These premium Gel Blaster Orbeez, are specially designed for the heavier models within our range. Because the balls are extra hard, they will provide better resistance to weapons with high shooting forces. They are also slightly heavier than the standard Orbeez. This will result in better accuracy.


Fill a large bucket with water and add the gel balls out of the bag. Let the gel balls soak for 5 to 7 hours in the water and wait until they have reached their full size. When the gel balls have reached their full size (7-8mm), you can fill up the magazine and start to play! It is important that there is no water in the magazine itself. So make sure to first drain the water out of the bucket before you start to fill your magazine.


Once the balls are made, they cannot be kept in the open air for too long. The moisture from the balls will slowly evaporate, causing them to shrink again. To prevent this, the balls should be stored in an airtight place, like a plastic bottle for example.


Gel Blasters use water-based gel balls as ammunition. These gel balls will burst on impact and then dissolve by themselves. Good for the environment and easy for you, since you don't have to clean up anything yourself! This gives you even more time to play.


Type: Extra hard/heavy
Color: Milky white
Amount (1 bag): 10.000 pieces
Size (dry): 1.5mm
Size (wet): 7-7.5mm
Biologically degradable: Yes