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The M4A1 Gel Blaster is the perfect entry-level model! This weapon comes with many accessories and is suitable for both young and old. Thanks to its manual shooting function, the weapon can also be used without a battery.

Shooting modes

Switch easily between different shooting modes, using the switch on the side of the weapon.

Single shot

In "single shot" mode, you can manually reload the weapon by pulling the loading lever on the top of the weapon towards you. When the weapon is loaded, it will be able to fire one bullet at a time.

Full auto

Switch the weapon to "full auto" mode to take advantage of its full power. The weapon will make use of its built-in electric motor, allowing it to keep firing automatically in a continuous sequence.

Gel balls (Orbeez)

The included gel balls should be soaked in water for 5 to 7 hours, after which they will expand. When the gel balls are fully expanded you can fill up the magazine and shoot!


Gel Blasters use water-based gel balls as ammunition. These gel balls will burst on impact and then dissolve by themselves. Good for the environment and easy for you, since you don't have to clean up anything yourself! This gives you even more time to play.


Because Gel Blasters shoots gel balls that consist 95% of water, you don't have to worry about bruises. The gel balls will shatter on impact and leave no damage behind. It is still very important not to aim at others and to always wear safety goggles. These goggles are supplied standard with all of our Gel Blasters.

In the box:

M4A1 Gel Blaster
11,000 Gel balls (Orbeez)
2x Foregrip
Iron sight
Carrying cord
Magazine (Clip)
Magazine (Drum)
Safety glasses
7.4v 500 mAh Lithium chargeable battery
USB charging cable



Type: Electric
Shooting mode: Full auto / Single shot
Safety switch: Yes
Rails (20mm): Yes
Magazine capacity (Clip): 75 balls
Magazine capacity (Drum): 200 balls
Shooting speed: 175 RPM
Recommended age: 14+
Material: ABS
Battery support: 7.4v SM-4P
Length: 62cm (88cm with suppressor)
Width: 6,5cm
Height: 19,5cm
  • POWER:


  • SPEED:




  • RANGE: